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There are many types of shower head but only few shower heads are the best for your home. Buyers are searching for shower heads that can help them save money and water consumptions. The following lists of shower head are the best shower heads that suits to your home very well.
1.      Culligan WSH-C125 Wall Mount Shower Head. This shower head is easy to install and it features five massage services. It contains 10, 000 gallon capacity filter that lessen the impurities which helps to avoid flaky and itchy scalps. It also removes 99% chlorine, scale and sulphurous odours.
2.       Delta 76700WH Shower Head. It has an arm mount and features a 6 inches flexible hose so bathers can take between a handheld shower and hands-free experience. This shower head contains seven settings; soft Drench, Full Spray with Massage, Full Body Spray, Fast Massage, Soft Rain, Pause and Soft Drench with Full Spray. 
3.       Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head.  The leading producers of luxurious shower head for hotels are Speakman. Having this Speakman S-2005-HB Shower Head, bathers can now experience showering a luxurious shower head at home. This shower head also known as Anystream Massage Shower head and it contains 50 body spray and eight massage jets.
4.       LDR 530 3320CP 3 Function Shower Head.  This shower head really fits for a people who likes a simple shower head design that is not difficult to install and easy to use. This shower head is chrome finished and it has three shower settings. Its nozzles are easy to clean, good thing for the people who don’t like to spend much time on maintaining it clean.
Waterpik TRS-553 Shower Head.  This shower head contains the Proprietary PowerSpray+ technology that revolves between the five different shower settings which makes it flexible and dominant shower head. It has a brushed nickel finished with anti-clog nozzle and sleek chrome. In addition, it has OptiFLOW technology, ensuring 30% more.

Low Flow Shower Head Pros and Cons

In spending your money, make sure that you spend it in a right and good way. Better ask yourself first if it is really useful and worth it. In every fixture, there are always an advantages and disadvantages. Advantages that can help you in your daily household chores and disadvantages that you aren’t aware it might harm you. Low flow head shower may help you to conserve water and you can save more money. It uses less than half that volume of water but, there are some sacrifices that come with water conservation.
•Pros of Low flow Shower Head
1.       Decreased Water Usage. Low Flow shower heads exerts less water that made those bathroom fixtures easy on the environment. It use as little as 1.6GPM, so a 10 minutes shower spends only 16 gallons of water unlike the other standard shower head or elegant shower head that spends 80 gallons of water. Spending less water may help you reduce your water bill and has a direct impact on the environment. Choose the low flow shower head with pause systems; it allows the bather to shut off the flow of the water while shaving their legs, washing their hair and other parts of the body. If the water flow returns, it has the same temperature before hitting the pause button. This shower head is easy to install and it is also affordable.
2.       Decreased Gas/Electric Bills. It takes more electricity or gas when heating cold water to 48.9 degrees Celsius for a hot shower and above but it also depends on your water heater. Heating cold water into hot water spends a lot of gas or electricity, usually between 48.7 degrees Celsius to 54.6 degrees Celsius. Heating less water doesn’t need many gas or electricity.
• Cons of Low Flow Shower Head
1.       Not all low flow is the same.  Most shower head known as the water exploitation, but the overall reduction has limitations. Any kind of shower head that consumes below 5 gallons per minute considered being a low flow shower head. There is a big difference between spending 3 gallons and 1.6 gallons of water per minute. High-efficient low flow shower head only consumes less than 2 gallons of water per minute.
Decreased Water Pressure. Spending less water pressure allows the bather to stay in the shower longer, enjoying the benefits of a low slow shower head. Choose the shower head with small water holes so you can use less water. It also allows increasing the water pressure. An adjustable low flow shower head is also useful because you reposition it wherever you want to.

Downpour Shower Head

A luxurious and classic downpour shower head would expect to be seen in a superior hotels or spa.  It consists of permanent light gray Lexan face with a massive brass body, shower arm connection and revolving balls. Downpour shower head is also considered to be a rainfall shower head but it is softer and can make you feel relaxed because of its smooth sensation. It produces soft and gentle rain drops to your skin that is released in a full coverage and wide spray patterns. You’ll feel that this shower head gives a full coverage, inviting and peaceful showering atmosphere.
The Downpour Shower Head features: 
                • Tender rain-like settling turns bathing into a soft and relaxing shower.
                • It consists 12 nozzle sprays with 96 particular spray streams that scatter around the bather’s body.
                • Huge 8” diameter produces a broad, full coverage stream.
                Permanent brass revolving ball that allows you to reposition the head.
                All brass constructions are permanent.
                2.5GPM flow rate

Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour Air 1-Jet Shower Head is a type of downpour shower head with RainAir spray mode and its shower head measures 9.5 inches. It comes with different styles and sizes. This shower head contains a wide spray that makes you feel like you are in the rainforest while enjoying your bathing time. The water droplets that is produced by the shower head are enriched with air which means it is more tender and chunky. This shower head can removed the dirt easily by simply rubbing it with the help of flexible silicon nozzle which makes the perfect shower at all time. If you want a type of shower head that comforts your skin, Raindance Downpour Air 1-Jet Shower Head is really good for you. It can bring special shower experience that helps you to relax from a tiring day.

Best Chlorine Filtering Shower head

Some people have sensitive skins as well as condition like eczema should avoid exposure to chlorine. In other countries, the amount of chlorine in the water is quite high and people with sensitive skins are really affected. There are types of shower heads that can help you to avoid those chemicals that might irritate your sensitive skin. Some shower head consists of chlorine filter which removes the chemicals from the water easily. Most popular shower heads may remove 40%-80% of free chlorine came from the shower water.
1.       Chlorine Filtering Shower head - is also important because our skin absorbs substances while bathing. Usually, a person that showers every day absorbs 60% of chlorinated water that damages the hair and skin. Many shower water consists of heavy metal contamination and volatile organic compound that should be filtered out, but filtering water at the shower head is a bit difficult. Carbon filters which are good at removing chlorine cannot handle the volume of heat and high pressure water, making the filtration difficult.
Culligan WSH-C125 Mount 10, 000 Gallon Capacity - is a filtered shower head that contains finished chrome. It contains a clear filter that lessens 99% chlorine from the water shower with an anti-clog rubber spraying nozzles. It offers a heavenly shower experience by lessening harsh chlorine that your skin is about to absorb and preventing your scale from being damaged. It has five spray settings with massage action. The shower head’s chlorine filter can be replaced every six months at a very affordable price, but the hair and skins will be softened using this shower head filter. The Culligan shower head is easy to install within minutes - no tools required, just a teflon tape. You only need to wrap the Teflon tape around the existing shower arm and attach the head – you can now enjoy the clean and pure water. 


As the trend for sophisticated shower rooms with luxurious, elegantly designed showers are largely promoted in this modern time, ceiling mounted shower heads will definitely meet this standard. With the latest architectural designs, this type of shower head takes the lead towards an aesthetically pleasing shower scheme.
The ceiling mounted shower heads are the ones that are installed directly to your bathroom’s ceilings. You do not need to have a shower arm for this type because it cascade down waters above you perfectly.


-          Because these types of shower heads are installed right above your head, unlike the wall mounted and hand held types, you will be free from shower handles and constant body adjustments at all times. By just placing your body’s position to where the water falls off, you can definitely have a relaxing shower moment as the shower water reaches your feet. Shower like as if you are just standing in the rain!
-          It also provides a wide and even coverage of water so you would not feel the limitations that other conventional showers have.


-          You cannot easily adjust the water temperature for this type of shower head.
-          It limits you to focus in washing or streaming water to some of your specific body parts. So, if you do not wish to be wet from head to foot, you cannot prevent the waters from soaking your hair since you cannot control the direction of water flow.
-          Some of the reviews speak of its water pressure being too soft and too weak.

It is very important to make sure that your installed shower head is suitable for use by 6 footer people, otherwise you might end up doing renovations to your ceilings. Always match your shower heads to your existing bathroom designs so that you will have an efficient, headache free shower environment.